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Removal of Riverdance wreck delayed – Blackpool Today 23/10/08

October 23, 2008 Leave a comment

Published Date: 23 October 2008

THE no-go zone around the almost demolished Riverdance ferry will remain in place for at least three weeks.

Hugh Shaw, the Government representative in charge of the operation, said it was necessary to keep people away from the beach for their own safety.

Diggers and other cutting equipment remain inside a 500m cordon around the site, opposite Anchorsholme Park, and could pose a risk if people were to interfere with it.

Mr Shaw, the Secretary of State’s representative, said: “The exclusion zone will remain in place until the last piece has been removed and sonar scanning has been carried out to check there are no remains on the beach.

“We do not want any local people and particularly children to be put at risk.

“We thank the public for their continued support and understanding.”

The last piece of the ferry is expected to be removed next week.

Sub-contractors PGC Demolition, who have planned and carried out the operation to cut the 6,000 tonne ship to bits, had hoped to remove the final piece last week.

But bad weather and tidal conditions caused the delay.

Despite this, Mr Shaw said he was thrilled by the work of the contractors and delighted the environment had not been affected by the clean up.

He also revealed the process which saw the ship cut up on the beach could become an example to follow elsewhere.

“When I proposed that the ship would be cut up on the beach, there was concern due to the amount of oil on board,” he said.

“But that was dealt with through working together and, with a lot of planning, has ultimately proved successful.”

Gordon Whitaker from the Environment Group said he was satisfied with the way the operation had been carried out and that Blackpool’s beach and its water had not been adversely affected.

Riverdance – a Sea Trucks ferry – ran aground in severe storms on January 31.

The full article contains 327 words and appears in Blackpool Gazette newspaper.

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Cleveleys Promenade by Night

October 12, 2008 Leave a comment

Some of the new prom lighting features

Cleveleys Prom shelter

Cleveleys Prom shelter

Water feature

Water feature

Riverdance Update. 14th August

August 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Reverdance remains

Riverdance remains

Very early in the morning when this picture was taken it was quite windy so it was difficult to hold the camera still enough to get a clear picture. The wreck of the Riverdance ferry is being cut up on the beach. Only about a quarter of it remains now!

Rockin on Heavans Door 29/07/08

A good audience approaching North Pier Theatre.

A good audience approaching North Pier Theatre.

Over 700 inside the theatre, ready to party.

Over 700 inside the theatre, ready to party.

Carousel in the interval

Carousel in the interval

Night out to see ‘Rockin on heavens Door’ at the North Pier. Very good, highly recommended.

Riverdance gets cut up. – 1st June 2008

Work has started cutting up the reck of the ferry Riverdance.

A small city has sprung up on the prom at Cleveleys to handle the demolition work.

Start of the newly constructed promenade at Cleveleys looking very smart.

Close up of a new lighting mast with Finlay standing guard.

Work has started on the next phase.